Years go by and I’ve done nothing with Totally Naked Man. My love of comics took a different turn, however I yet to have created something I’ve always wanted to do. The Naked Man vs. Alien story changed to a 8 page Zetaman story for a March for Babies fundraiser, but I did not spend any time on illustrating.

Come 2011 and the site had a fundraiser for special needs kids. The site held a convention and were going to auction off some art work. I decided to redo a old story I found online years ago and redo some old panels. The work sold for $125 which went to charity. I was stoked. I was also very busy writing essays for college English classes. At the start of 2012 I found I had time so I began to work on a personal goal of making a comic. My first few panels I thought I would illustrated it like the Zetaman comic and include the backgrounds with Photoshop. After doodling a few pages I decided that it would be much better to just illustrate the entire comic from start to finish. After completing issue one, I found that I can use Photoshop for long scene establishing shots and use pen and ink for the rest. The best part about issue one was that the pizza baron story was a story I wrote recently rather than 15 years ago.

-The Boss




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