Webcomics, Webcomics, Webcomics

It’s been little over a year since I started Naked Man Comics and I’ve learned a lot. The primary lesson I learned is that webcomics dominate the independent scene. People love reading free comics online. I don’t blame them. Free is a great price. With that in mind we are going to post some webcomics.

To introduce Naked Man Comics to new readers, I will post a page from Naked Man Comics 2 every Friday at 12 noon. The series will be a striped down version of issue 2 (minus 4 pages). Once issue 2 is done I will take the series down and continue on with issue 3 and 5. This will be a great opportunity for people who want to read Naked Man Comics but are not in the Portland, Oregon area nor have the ability to purchase the comic online.

I will be posting a web series called The Schlub. The Schlub is about a cartoonist struggling to get his character, The Blazing Bag of Poo, publish. Basically it’s me venting with a legal pad and some Sharpie markers. The Schlub will be posted every Wednesday at 12 noon.

For our site members I will be posting a very special web comic. For our fans who have an account on Naked Man Comics will be privy to… the origin of Totally Naked Man. Every Monday, starting on the 8th at 12 noon, our site members will read how Al Fresco became Totally Naked Man. Who were Totally Naked Man’s parents? How did he met Extremely Conservative Woman? Why do citizens of Rose City keep being kidnapped by Aliens?

I have a few more Tales of the Internet Superheroes to post as well as some new characters to introduce.

-The Boss


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