Hanging with Stan Sakai

Hanging with Stan Sakai

The Cartoon Art Professional Society is putting together a fundraiser to help Stan Sakai (creator of Usagi Yojimbo). Mr. Sakai’s wife has suffered a debilitating illness. To help with the cost of 24 hour care and medication, CAPS is auctioning off original artwork.

More information can be found at :



In 2009 I began reading Usagi Yojimbo. At the time I was taking Akido and reading a comic about a Ronin Rabbit inspired me to continue on with the martial art. Over the last few years I studied the Usagi Yojimbo comic because of its well-crafted stories and beautiful artwork. I admire Stan Sakai’s work ethic and his dedication to his creation.

I met Stan Sakai at the 2012 Stumptown Fest. I just finished issue #1 of Naked Man Comics. Although I didn’t have the comic printed in time for the comic fest, I did have a few samples of my work. Mr. Sakai was very kind and looked at some samples I had. He also signed some comics and a few sketchbooks I bought from him. Later that day there was a seminar he spoke at. Mr. Saki talked briefly about his personal journey with Usagi Yojimbo. It was an insightful and inspirational seminar.

Stan Sakai has given a lot to both the independent and mainstream comic world. I really hope that the auction will help Mr. Sakai and his wife through this hard time in their lives.


Portrait of a Japanese man in armour" photograph by Baron Raimund von Stillfried

Portrait of a Japanese man in armour” photograph by Baron Raimund von Stillfried

P.S.S. Just found out the E-Bay auction page where they are selling this image- http://www.ebay.com/itm/STAN-SAKAI-AUCTION-Original-ILLYA-KING-Art-USAGI-IN-ARMOR-Pen-Ink-BEAUTIFUL-/141220716919?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20e1692177. It is truly amazing that I could raise anything to help out.


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