Miller Time

I’ve been reading the internet chatter about the Frank Miller DK3 The Atom cover ( Comic fans do not like the way Mr. Miller illustrated Superman. Frank Miller has been writing and illustrating stories for decades. Over the years his work evolved and became more abstract. I believe his artwork is meant to convey emotions on a two dimensional surface. It is tough to do without some visual exaggeration.

I feel that many comic fans that are complaining about Mr. Miller’s illustration are not really fans of comics as art. Perhaps most comic fanatics prefer their comic product to contain stylized technical illustrations only. Mr. Miller is a master storyteller whose impact on the comic medium will continue long after he is gone. In the twilight of his career, he did an illustration of Superman based on how he felt about the character itself. The majority of the collective comic fanatics decided to ridicule his ability as both an illustrator and a storyteller.

What I gathered from the internet chatter, Mr. Miller should’ve maintained the same illustration style since the 1986 publication of The Dark Knight Returns. DKR was over 29 years ago. Frank Miller has done so much more as both a storyteller and an illustrator. His work has changed over time. All artist styles change as they grow. Also, Mr. Miller has been a very successful self-publisher of his own work. His body of work is worth more to him than Superman. Superman is not important to Frank Miller. Frank Miller outgrew the character.

So if Mr. Miller drew an exaggerated Superman illustration that looks grotesque, perhaps it is because Frank Miller views Superman as a grotesque character. I know that is how I feel about the character, knowing how DC Comics has treated their writers and illustrators. I’m sick of intolerant comic fans who care about their comic fix and nothing else. People need to stop treating writers and illustrators like dirt.


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