Zetaman Vs. Aliens v.1

A while back I blogged about my alien story- here, here, and here.

I also said that I finally completed the story in an old 8 page Zetaman comic I did as a fund raiser.

The comic was featured in a web show series I did years ago- The Real Adventures of Zetaman.

The Real Adventures of Zetaman (documentary series about superheroes) from Allan Luebke on Vimeo.

Well… I was wrong.

It has been redone, yet again. The latest version is on Tapastic at http://tapastic.com/series/Zetaman

The reason why I redid the story again was-
1. I didn’t like the art.
2. There were people parodied in it which I don’t care for in real life.
3. I wanted the story to tie more into Holly Wood: Space Diva as well as Issue #5.

The revise alien story ties into the origin of Extremely Conservative Woman. The inflatable alien in the first Z draft became an alien scout for the Z’nus. The fate of the alien will be expanded on in the future. And the revised story would explain why the Z’nu Queen hates humans so much.

Here is the first version of the Zetaman vs. Alien story.










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