Account Hacked!


My Facebook account was hacked!

I know… it sounds like a lame excuse given by someone who posted bigoted comments or nude pictures. However, my account was hacked. I believe what happened was that I registered for an app using my FB account. My account posted spam links to groups I belonged to. I did disable all connected apps and change my password. However, rather than take the chance of a possibly infected account, I just deleted it. So this might turn out to be good chance to challenge myself with different social networks.

I recognize the power of Facebook. It is the greatest communication utility invented. Earlier this month I unsubscribed from my friend’s feeds. Not because my friends were posting negative content. I did it so that I wouldn’t make comments I would regret. I also tried to privatized my account. People who don’t know me won’t understand the context of my posts. So I feel it’s unsafe to expand my communication network. Plus… my block list had over 200 people on it.

On line communication and networking is tough. I feel that there is a lot of obfuscation. It is very easy to make a random comment that turns into a misconstrued issue. People use their own internal filters to read rather than to understand the posters point of view.

I’m also a big believer in owning digital landscape. One of my friends at work said his Facebook account was his on line representation. I thought the statement to be odd since the TOS of Facebook states that Facebook owns the content.

It’ll be interesting to live without the largest and easiest accessible social network. I was huge into Facebook. But maybe this will help force me to use other venues to promote my comics. I hope so.


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