The summer of… I got nothing

slowpokeLife finds a way… to destroy any sense of drawing routines!

I apologize for the inconsistency with The Schlub. Things are getting busy in the King household. Hopefully I can get back to some kind of drawing schedule.

Right now, I’m working on a 5 page story for Crow Works Comics ( After that I got a story that’s been rolling around in my head. The working title is “The Rainbow Ninja.” This will be the final story for 2016. After that, I have a few other stories I’ve been kicking around before I return to the world of Totally Naked Man.

I noticed that the business site, NMC Comics ( was running slow. I believe I fixed that issue.


Slick Greasy

MrCircleYears ago in college I took an animation class at Clark College. I had two animation projects- create a cartoon about the color wheel and animate an internal combustion engine. I created a red circle character. I forgot what I called him. In the internal combustion cartoon, I created a small character called “Slick Greasy.” It was a drop of oil.

The latest Schlub, The Schlub brother, Slick Greasy, visits him.  On his shirt is a picture the character I drew in 1998. Slick Greasy lives!


Secret Origins

I was cruising through the radio stations and I stopped on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). I don’t know what the program was but several writers were being interviewed. One of the authors was asked about creating characters without back stories as a plot device. I’m paraphrasing but the author said she didn’t write a back story because she decided to leave it up to the reader. Whatever she came up with cannot match what the reader’s imagination came up with.

I am thinking that should be the same way with Totally Naked Man.

I do have an origin story. I’ve illustrated several pages and several versions of his origin. Totally Naked Man’s origin connects some of the dangling threads I left open in my stories. After listening to that radio program I’ve decided not to publish Tote’s origin. I think that will be more fun. Sure, clues will be dropped, like in the Car Wash story where The Butler bemoans that he raised Totes. However, what I have cannot match whatever awesome back story readers might come up with.

There is an origin but it will never be posted. Thanks for the idea, mysterious OPB program. 🙂


Free Comics

The last story arc featured The Schlub getting agitated about comic fans misinterpreting his comic. There is a bit of truth in that comic on why I changed my comics, but it’s not the whole story.

Over the past few years I’ve been uneasy about selling my comics. Actually, I’m quite fine with selling my stuff… to people with money. But what about people without? Should people without money not be allowed to read comics? I know comics, in general, is a luxury item. People spend their money to buy their favorite characters in fantasy stories. If push came to shove, though, comics would be the first thing to cut when money is tight.

I feel like I can’t tell someone without money that they can’t read my stuff. I understand that it’s my work and I should be compensated. There are other methods to generate revenue. Ads are okay. A lot of people use Patreon. I signed up for one myself but I haven’t done any work on it yet. It’s not like I’m depended on turning a profit. Although it’d be nice to not pay for comic con tables or print runs out of pocket. But I just feel bad for people who can’t afford comics. I remember years ago watching a story about a little girl in Arkansas who walked around collecting newspapers because she wanted to read  the daily comics. Her family were really poor and had no TV or other forms of entertainment. It sucks to think that my stories will only be seen by people with disposable incomes.

I’m not saying all comics should be free. There are people whose livelihood depend on selling their comics. I think in my case, I’m looking at comics like TV shows. There’s a channel and you’ll get the content. However, you got to deal with some ads.

So yes and no. I did change Naked Man Comics to NMC comics so I wouldn’t get rejected from cons. But it was a catalysis for something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

My free library is at


Captain Blowhole

The Greek Gods story I’ve been working on is almost over. The bad part is that I scripted the story for 24 pages and I’m only going to have 16 pages. 17 at most. Some of what I wrote got thrown out because it wasn’t crucial to the story. I guess I’ll have to figure out a 10 page story arc to fill in the 24 page limit.

In the meantime, I’m working on a new comic. The working title is “Captain Blowhole and the Ninja Pirates of the Oregon Coast.” The story is about a widow who happens to be a great sailor during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. At this time I am thinking this story is going to take me the rest of the year and maybe some of next year because it is 54 pages. At one page a week (due to other projects). Maybe I’ll be able to double the page counts on alternate weeks. I’m not totally sure how this will work. Captain Blowhole is not going to be a superhero story, so there will be some challenges. I am excited to work on this project.

In other news, I signed up for the Artist Alley con hosted by Spritely Bean Coffee. I missed out on both Rose City and Cherry City. But I don’t make any money at big cons so smaller cons are ideal.

The NMC comics website is just about done. I’m rebranding my comics because the name either frighten or disappoints people.

I posted Naked Man Comics #1-9 on It’s free (except for some ads). Hopefully if people do read the comics then they’ll get that the comic is a comedy. Or maybe not. I’m not a writer.

-The Boss


Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

So… what is going on with Naked Man Comics?

I’m in the process of rebranding my comics. The title “Naked Man Comics” is not kid-friendly. At the Fanaticon, the organizers had to defend my comic title to the city of Portland. And at the Comix Thing, adult indie comic fans were disappointed that my comics did not contain pictures of male anatomy.

I was warned that the name “Naked Man Comics” would not be received well. I thought that the content of the comics would overcome this hurdle. I was wrong.

No one got the joke of Totally Naked Man. I should have understood that people judge books by their title. If people see the word “naked” they are expecting sexual situations.

I’m not going to stop drawing Totally Naked Man. However, I can rebrand my comic line to support The Schlub and future stories.

There is a bright light for fans of Naked Man Comics. I’m going to release all 9 issues of Naked Man Comics at NakedManComics.Com has been transformed into a webcomic, similar to Totes the Webcomic and The Schlub. I’ll be posting my content on there for free. Maybe by posting all of my content online people will finally get it. Maybe not. I don’t know. Either way, it’ll be there for people to check out. I just posted issue 1. The rest of the comics will be posted soon.

I want to thank the fans who read my comics in the past. Thank you for getting my humor and understanding that my comics were comedies and not pornography.