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Secret Origins

I was cruising through the radio stations and I stopped on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). I don’t know what the program was but several writers were being interviewed. One of the authors was asked about creating characters without back stories as a plot device. I’m paraphrasing but the author said she didn’t write a back story because she decided to leave it up to the reader. Whatever she came up with cannot match what the reader’s imagination came up with.

I am thinking that should be the same way with Totally Naked Man.

I do have an origin story. I’ve illustrated several pages and several versions of his origin. Totally Naked Man’s origin connects some of the dangling threads I left open in my stories. After listening to that radio program I’ve decided not to publish Tote’s origin. I think that will be more fun. Sure, clues will be dropped, like in the Car Wash story where The Butler bemoans that he raised Totes. However, what I have cannot match whatever awesome back story readers might come up with.

There is an origin but it will never be posted. Thanks for the idea, mysterious OPB program. 🙂